Wednesday, April 1, 2009

╠ AniBlog - Skittles are my BFF - A reply to Gen Y Podcast ╣

Finally another AniBlog has been prepared. This one is a reply to the Gen Y Marketing Podcast. The particular one I am replying too is Number 44 I think, there's a bit of confusion with the numbering. Also I've included Skittles in all my examples as they are actually a brand that does seem to be more active with the trying to be a friend, or at least that's how I perceive what I've seen of them on facebook. Anyway for those of you who struggle to understand my horrible voice here's the script. (May not be 100% accurate.)

Apologies for the going awol but over the holiday period I got this thing called a life that everyone else seems so fond of and as you with lives would know when you have one you do more stuff, however this means you do less things. Unfortunately animated blogs falls into the things collumn like the unloved children that they are.

In my absence I discovered the Gen Y podcast. Unforunately I don't know to just who I'm replaying because I've yet to grasp just who and how many people there are at Gen Y. There could be ten or just one guy who's good at putting on voices. In fact that sounds like a bit of fun I may try that.

I concur

What one of them brought up was that he did not want to interract or communicate with a brand,

which is something brands have actually been pushing as of late.

Instead he believes more that he's only their for value, he's only going to interract with a brand if there is something in it for him. Now I'm trying to be careful to not get this wrong but I think it's because he doesn't want brands as friends, he doen't want them to be part of a conversation.

He wants to use them for their value and tell them to piss off.

This really got me thinking because I found it to be a valid point. Brands aren't our friends, they aren't part of friends circles, yet some of us do allow them to technically be part of the conversation. Here's my conclusion

I was thinking of the value added as a tangible element but this is not what brands are offering in these situations. It's their social value. The value added by you being associated with that brand.

Basically it's the value added on things like facebook where you become a fan of a product.

You may not consciously know why you're so eager to be a fan, but it's because you're aligning yourself with a brand that you like. You can learn a lot about a person by what they like so therefore there is value added by sometimes communicating with a brand in the mix.


Nudge Marketing said...

Brilliant work sir, brilliant work! Sure it took us 44 shows and almost 2 years to make a valid point, but we finally made one in the end :)


Jake - Gen Y Marketing Podcast

nat said...

You know what I like about this. One, you are the first person onto out scam of being just one gut capable of multiple voices (I mean really - as if any really person would ever have a lisp like that Nat character). two, the way you took one of our rants and made it into something more thoughtful and coherent.
Tip of the Hat!

Tannie said...

I really enjoyed listening to the blog and whilstt it is a bit of ranting most of it is pretty spot on and thoughtful so I was happy to take it and try and expand on it.