Monday, April 13, 2009

╠ One person can change the world ╣

A lot of importance in advertising is placed on viewer totals or hits. I think there is a fault in this though. One individual could easily be worth more or less value than another. Especially with your average internet hoax style campaign everything is rated in 'If they paid for it it would be worth...'.

This seems to be a huge mistake because it ignores the value of an individual. The individual value of a viewer or 'hit' is made up of two components. Their personal value attributed to the effectiveness of the ad on them as well as who they pass their thoughts onto.

The first point is how well a consumer fits into your target market however I want to talk more on the second. This is probably where most value is found. One person can affect others. Especially with the resilience that Gen Y faces to general advertisements peers and family members can be a huge influence. Certain people would obviously influence more people. An example of this would be someone like myself, as a marketing student people seem to believe what I say more as I have what is perceived as an expert in the market. However there are people who influence me, lectures, tutors and the louder of the student body.

An example of this is that we were discussing car brands in a lecture and someone yelled out that Toyota were unreliable. Personally I believe the opposite however as someone who doesn't have my own insight I can't help but take this thought on board even if just subconsciously.

So a hit could be say a lecturer who will pass this information on to many of the target market or it could be a random outside the target who will pass it onto noone. Hits are too random to attribute real value to. When trying online activities we all still need to remember, messages are useless if they are not hitting the right targets. People are individuals and hit numbers do not completely represent this.

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