Thursday, April 16, 2009

╠ Gorilla forgot how to play the drums ╣

This is a variation of an ad that I broke down in the past. What happened is that for the Australian market apparently Phil Collins isn't Aussie enough and therefore the entire thing had to be redubbed. Personally it really saddens me to see this beause it's just been so wrong. Gen Y Podcast actually beat me to the first punch at this ad.

Their argument was that Cadbury Australia is known or being conservative and therefore this was born. There are so many things that I want to say against this ad but they're all wanting to come out at once ending up in an incoherent yelp of angst.

What I find weird is that the original ad already aired here. It had its original one and a half minute burst and then a few bursts of the shorter version. So this ad is actually a rebirth making it all the more obvious for what it is.

There's only so much I can say about this without getting angry. If you want a list perhaps just read my original post and then take away all the things I praised it for. The worst point though is the timing. Most of the time the gorilla hits in the middle of the drum beats. Online there are so many edits of this ad with different music that is so much better done. If some random online can better you odds are you should have another look at your ad.

The true shame here though is that it harms the old ad so much. Looking at the old ad now I notice that it is also out of time a little bit on certain hits. That being said the value of this ad had probably been expired and was not planned to be used again so the rebirth is of some value to them. I spose that is what a true marketer will do, if there is value left in something they will not let it die with dignity. However I personally think this smudge to the original award winner is something completely not worth while


Jono said...

Personally, I didn't even notice the song had changed. I never saw the ad the first time it was aired, although I had seen it on Gruen and youtube.
Did they need to change it? Not really.
Does it matter to me that it was changed? Given I didn't even notice, not really.
Just food for thought.

Tannie said...

You make a good point. I'm probably only as angry because I took an interest. If you don't treat it anything but a normal ad it ends up overall not that big a dif.

I do need to take a step back from looking at things down to the critical area.