Monday, March 30, 2009

╠ Wolf in sheep skin! - Twitter ╣

Now this is something that has been sort of building up since I first heard the word twitter. I honestly don't get it. I don't understand the hype about it. This video sort of shows the kind of feeling I have towards it. However despite all this it is still labeled as some huge marketing thing that everyone is up on. So I got one then after having the first status update I receive being 'having eggs for tea tonight. Yum!' I gave up and never returned. Yet it was still in the background as this big thing. I thought 'You know one day I will get it.' But I don't.

I mean I can see the marketing potential here, it is a very useful marketing tool, but so am I...haha wit! Either way cannot see how it has taken off. I mean yes I do use facebook a lot and find the twitter element of it fun but that is because there is so much else to that site. I really can't see myself being so drawn to something so simple though.

So this is my cry out to any twitter fans out there. What is there that makes it such a must have. I mean there are even books being made about twittering. So please if someone can explain it please go ahead and save me from having to get one of those books in order to see what I'm apparently missing.

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