Sunday, April 19, 2009

╠ Back in my day we had to type in the full url ╣

Stan Lee over at Brand Dna made a post about a new website recently. What this site does is takes any website and creates a smaller url for it.

It's a brilliant idea and a great idea for what is becoming a more and more upcoming need for consumers. Especially with the growth of twitter the need to limit character number is something that is more and more useful.

Whilst this site may generate a url longer than some sites like, however if you were instead trying to link to this exact blog post the character count is huge. If I wanted to post about it on twitter what I can say is incredibly limited, however using this site opens huge opportunities.

A site like this is really satisficing a market need before it flourishes into an actually well recognized issue. Personally I think the thought behind it is so brilliant and I hope whatever car that is is paying them advertising because I really like this idea and them making nothing from it would just be a shame.

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