Sunday, April 5, 2009

╠Lie To Me╣

I must admit I quite like the idea of April Fools. As a marketing tool if managed well it is quite a good way to raise brand value. If you think about it basically you say say whatever lies you want thus making people think your brand may be innovative or whatever you want and then take it all back.

Obviously there are certain limits to this. You have to be clever about it. You can't just make claims and then say 'Oh April Fools' because it doesn't work as well. Obviously there are also certain brands whose target market wouldn't be too receptive to such joking.

However I am lucky. The Melbourne Anime Festival Organizing Committee, of which I am the branding manager, does have the audience for this. So I thought why not test it out. Name some fake events and then see if people get it. You can read it here (Just scroll to the spoiler post). However I made sure to not leave it too open at the very end you get the hint that makes it an easy unravel.

The overall thing was quite well taken, some people were fooled, some people caught it out without even getting to the end. The most interesting thing thought is that it actually caught the eye of the committee. The original plan was to have one point that is actually genuine and the rest be false. However now after seeing it all and the following some ideas have we're now doing more. So I spose the moral here is if you want your organization to do something pitch it to your market as an april fools joke.

Also I can't end a post like this without also showing off mUmBRELLA's Twitter Tax post which really made my day.

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