Wednesday, April 22, 2009

╠ AniBlog - Gruen brought Sexy Back╣

This aniblog recognizes the performance of the Greun Transfer TV show in being able to spark further interest in marketing as a career, however also comments on the possible downsides when you consider the economic climate they will all be entering into.

As usual comments are always appreciated on these things as they do take a while so I like to get them right. Anyway here's what may be a slightly inaccurate script

Media has had a history of turning specific careers into what we call sexy careers. CSI did it for forensics, Scrubs for doctors and Dragonball Z for bleaching your hair, flying around and trying to blow up planets with your energy balls!

The Gruen Transfer seems to be the next installment for this as it has made Marketing into a much more appealing job. Unfortunately when I say The Gruen Transfer though I mean the ABC television show as oposed to this blog


Unfortunately the only relation the blog share to the show is the name which is simply the moment where when you go shopping all of the stimuli such as advertisements makes you buy items you weren't planning on usually followed not soon after by the statement 'Why did I buy all this crap?'

Universities have seen as much as a 30% increase in students wishing to do marketing since the show started. However as a current marketing student I can't help but imagine that this may be bad news for me. As soon as these kids come out I'll be losing on the experience front to those who have been sacked and on the youth side to these new kiddies.

So this is my call out to the Gruen Transfer. Please stop being so damn sexy! At the moment out of ten you're bottled Jelly from a particularly spirited jelly wrestle fight. If you could tone it down to perhaps a pair of ladies underpants bought from a japanese vending machine, not my thing but I'm sure there's some sex appeal to it. But if you could do that it would be much appreciated.


Stan Lee said...

Gruen is not about marketing. It is about its sexier cousin, advertising.

Tannie said...

True. You do have a point. However the connection still exists and the two are so related that it will still add to student numbers.

Sodman2k said...

Sexier cousin here I come!