Friday, April 10, 2009

╠ You have to use care, when down there ╣

What I have noticed recently especially is the advertisement of things that are a bit out there that people predominantly don't want to think about. I think it's quite brilliant just how creative some people are. The above video is one I do like because it gets the point across and in a market where advertising is rather limited...or at least in my case is in areas where I as possibly a target market do not use, such as magazines. When it comes down to it if you're the only one whose advertising hits you will have the brand preference. Obviously there may be a few interferences here such as preferred brands from other aspects of your life having a product in the market. But if you do something like this and do it right a lot of the new users of this product will at least look at your product and consider it.

Here is another ad that was recommended to me on a forum I was on.

Not the greatest ad but I still must give commend to the creativity. I think in the future these products may be the ones I love but also hate to work on.


Sodman2k said...

Re the second ad:
I agree with AFP.
As far as I'm concered, there is a big thing advertisers need to keep in mind:
If you want to to behave a particular way, for F-sake - Don't tell me that I HAVE TO.
Especaly in an area like this.
Women shouldnt feel like they have to have a particular appearence in order to be sucessful, confident and appealing.

Tannie said...

That's one of the main reason I didn't think it was a great ad. However I believe it would be at least somewhat successful for the weaker minded.

Sodman2k said...

Yes, I agree... unfortunately...
And (again unfortunately) in this case there really is no advantage in making it more appealing for more free thinking women.
Usualy I would stick to avoiding anyone feeling insulted by an ad, due to the negative image that it would form in certain peoples minds, but more so on how those people would then influence others.
In this case, the people with the real influence (in terms of this product and their peers) are those who are not going to recognise (or care about) the prescriptive/unreasonable idea of beauty that the ad is built upon.
I'm not saying it's an unefective ad, but I would'nt feel proud if I was the creative team.