Thursday, October 7, 2010

╠ Who needs the truth, when lies are more believable? ╣

So over at the good old Facebooks I was invited to this curious event. The event instructed people to go 30 days without eating Arnotts shapes.

The event claims Arnott's have 'snuck' palm oil into their products and are therefore lying about their claim of using vegetable oil. The side effect to this being that palm oil is a 'leading cause of deforestation'.

So therefore to save the forests of the world everyone should stop eating Arnott's for 30 days. The curious thing is that the event offers no proof, nothing more than one paragraph of information. This event currently has over 3600 attendees and it's still going considering the event will only end come Oct 22nd.

So with zero actual proof that's 3600 that have potentially changed their habits for this event. The fact that it's 30 days as well is quite interesting because if you do something straight for 21 days, say not eat shapes, then any cravings are meant to leave your system...of course this is on average and ignores things such as cigarettes. This points out that it will not simply be 30 days of damage, but there could also be follow on.

So who's behind it, surely some random page that no longer has any admins? No just one person, who if they are fake has gone to a lot of effort to be fake. The amusing point from here is that effectiveness leads to damage and damage has to be paid. So Miss Amy Smith I hope you have very deep pockets when Mr. Arnott comes to sue for damages.