Friday, April 24, 2009

╠ The Talk of Techxperts Reprise ╣

This post has actually been a long time waiting. Some of you may remember a long while back I made an AniBlog that criticized what I perceived at the time to be critical flaws with Dick Smith Electronics.

Not too soon after the release it was picked up by Dick Smith and since it was harmful to the Dick Smith brand. It was established that one of the higher ups wished to talk to me at some point. Since the matter was unresolved the aniblog remained online. Unfortunately the discussion never took place and so the video remained. I'm assuming this is because of the effort that has been put into the rebranding.

By the time I realized this discussion was probably not going to happen a new training was announced for Dick Smith employees. The training was titles 'moments of truth' and consisted of training around just that, the moments that define an interaction between a customer and the salesman. I decided to hold off posting any further views until seeing this training.

I feel good knowing that I took the time to focus my thoughts. My only regret is that today after work I actually had another talk to my boss making this less out of the blue than I had originally planned.

Since the aniblog things have certainly changed. At the time I was very dissatisfied with Dick Smith and was annoyed with my previous manager for his poor handling of the store and then ditching. I must now admit that the company has changed a lot with the rebranding and in particular my store is in a much better state than it was before.

I found the training to actually be quite good. It covered a lot of things, from the marketing reasoning behind the rebranding to the finer elements of how to deal with customers. It was all really good because it was finally some training to make me feel as if I could do my job better than a random of the street, which while it may have been a confidence issue with me, the good thing is that it was actually addressed.

The aniblog was created whilst I was frustrated and perceived what I was giving to the company was not worth what I was giving them and therefore took the rest out of their brand equity. Since things hae changed I have no need for such thing, it's contrary to my interests as I've grown quite fond the new DSE. The aniblog has now been removed from Youtube.

Through discussions with my manager I also realized that another post of mine that compared career progression in Apple vs Dick Smith isn't as black and white as it had been. Due to this this post has also been removed.

With my blog growing and receiving more views than before I need to be more careful with my content and if a company is willing to help me out and support me then I should do the same to it.

Overall what I believe the important message here is that peoples opinions can shift. In this case it didn't even take targeting, all I've received has been what was offered to any other employee. So Connex, Melbourne Uni...What're you waiting for?


Sodman2k said...

Ahh Tannie...
Why remove them and blog this.
A better thing to do would have been to edit the old blogs to include a link to this and point out the new attitude.
Rather than censor yourself.
The views were based on an old situation. Just because they're not pleasent for you now, doesn't mean they needed to be erased.
Australian history anyone?

Tannie said...

It's more that I don't believe in the image that the aniblog painted of me. Whilst some of it was researched and true a lot of my actions with it were to shoot first and ask questions later.

Whilst there is still this blog post about it the point is that the post is a negative impression on me and also a negative impression on where I work. Whilst adding in a link saying things aren't true could work it's not the best option.

Most people are lazy and won't bother with checking the links all they'll see is a bad impression on me and on DSE.