Monday, March 2, 2009

╠ DoriTOES ╣

Whilst getting people to make an ad for you has been a so far risky safe way to create in depth interaction with your brand the way you go about getting people to interract is very important. This ad is the perfect example of what not to do.

Saying we need your help can be understandable as a marketing ploy and people don't look into it but this particular ad is one of the most self destructive I could imagine. Creating a memory link to Doritos and 'Toes' is a terrible connotation to create and it's only made worse by the sound of toes being in the name. Personally it's something that's probably burnt itself into my brain.

This is meant to be advertising in order to sell the product and what I suspect it to have done is completely turn people off. I wouldn't be surprised if there as a graph for sales which took a huge dip whenever the ad screened.

Normally I'm willing to give advertising the benefit of the doubt. But this ad really begs the question of 'What were they thinking?'

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