Monday, March 9, 2009

╠ Etiwhat Stadium? ╣

On one of my various trips via a delayed Connex train I noticed a new tag on the seemingly confused Telstra Dome which has had so many name changes since its opening it almost seems like an unloved child. I'd like to take some time to go through some of the names. Odds are I've forgotten some it's happened that many times.

First off was Colonial Stadium which started out just plain confusing because I'm not too sure of others but personally I'd never heard of Colonial and therefore took no interest. The other problem with this was the increasing issues that arose. The docklands ground seemed to face issue after issue with no relief in sight which whilst putting Colonial's name in the spotlight, it leads to horrible brand association.

The second name I can remember is the recent one of Telstra Dome. Now this name I believe worked. The brand was already established so it was just every single mention was advertising that you knew...however what I see being the problem with this was that it could only last so long. It went from being TELSTRA Dome to Telstra Dome. When talking about sport Telstra was a ground, not a phone company. So the value detereorated over time until I suspect it was no longer worth it.

Now comes Etihad. Personally I don't understand the value in unknown companies getting into such advertising. I may be wrong and it may be a popuar brand but nobody I know actually knows what Etihad is (They're in the air travel business btw). When you go in like this all you get is a name and sure it gets your name known but if people don't know what you do is it really worth it? I haven't researched enough to know which part of the air travel market they're a part of but apart from that 'Oh that's who they are!' factor I don't see much in it.

Another factor is that it is an international company trying to put the tag name on something that will predominantly be used for events that promote the Australian spirit and again I don't know others but my first thought when seeing the name was of rejecting it for trying to find such an easy way to break into the hearts of patriotic Australians without actually being Australian.

Personally I think the name is a mistake and perhaps even a waste. Personally I'd like to see something that was at least somewhat related to something to do with the actual events held there. Nike Stadium perhaps? Even something loosely related that is sold on the premises? Coke Stadium?

I'm not sure if it is the stadium selling itself short or Etihad paying too much but I certainly feel like there could have been a more overall profitable agreement happen here.

What do you all think? Is Etihad Stadium a mistake?

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