Thursday, March 12, 2009

╠ Businesses like good neighbours too ╣

I've started to notice more and more that location is not simply all about people traffic. Whilst traffic is important the quality of the traffic also needs to be considered. Now quality probably isn't the best way to describe your customer base. What I mean is more all of the factors that contribute to a customer being receptive to what you have to offer. A large part of this is mood.

The CBD is a perfect example of this. The xample I have for this is something that happened only a few days ago. I started out in an alright mood, had the onset of a headache coming but with a few panadols that would have been bested. Little did I know of what awaited me.

As what should almost be expected now it started with a delayed Connex train which ended up getting quite loud which did good for the headache issue. Deciding I needed something to up my spirits after this I went to a Bubble Cup where the poor english skills of the worker on the register meant my order got stuffed up. After that I decided I needed a full meal to fill me and went to a KFC where hastines of the worker at the register lead to my order being stuffed up.

As a network the entire CBD needs to support itself for the best outcome for all involved. However errors like these put consumers on edge and unresponsive to whatever brands have to throw at them. Sure I was perhaps just unlucky to have 3 out of 3 on this occasion. But the point is that there shouldn't be aims for not negative. There should be aims for positive experiences which most should agree there are few of in the city.

Now this may just be me mentioning my interests here as a DSE worker but I believe their is a point. Companies who aren't in competition need to be working together when in close quarters. Example wise this would be food vendors giving good service and putting consumers in good moods while they shop for their larger items, and the the larger dealers conversely giving good service and keeping the consumer busy long enough to warrant their own success as well as the need for food since on average the longer you spend somewhere normally the more happy you are(Obviously excluding tedious repair issues).

Who your business is in proximity is incredibly important. To anyone who ever plans to run a business make sure you research this and not just the potential consumer flow counts. Quality over quantity.

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