Friday, March 20, 2009

╠ A new layout on life ╣

As most of you probably can see I've changed the layout for this blog. Since it's beginning my entire view about what this blog is and what I use it for has been an ever changing concept. In a discussion yesterday I realized that what I wanted this blog to be was no longer something that the previous layout helped me obtain.

Yes it was pretty but it didn't do enough to keep interest. It made the posts look not worth reading. So I figured it was finally time to change.

Originally my idea when looking for a new layout is to have something with wider margins to make my posts look less long...although if anything to me they almost look longer now. Either way I still do believe this layout is for the best though...well until I one day get so awesome to make my own. If you any opinions feel free to comment.

I hope you enjoy Gruen's new flavour.


Lili said...

Hurry up and make your own, then!

I don't know if this format is any better... widening the margin means you scroll less, but doesn't mean it looks shorter to read. In my opinion it's actually harder to read, now... The wider it is, the more time the eyes have to spend darting back to the left margin. Only jiffies different, but it's still a difference. It's easier to skim through when the width of a wall of text is smaller, and that makes it more appealing to read. There's reasons that newspapers, magazines, posters, et cetera use columns... and why "fine print" is rarely in columns.

You need to find a balance between width and length. Personally, I don't think the old layout was that bad to read. =/

Oh another thing to note: doesn't apply to you, but in case you ever think of it, people are also less likely to read articles/text written in reverse print, according to a psychological research done about two or three years ago. So don't do that.

Tannie said...

So you really don't like this one? So you think I should keep looking?

Lili said...

Just pointing it out, not necessarily saying that I do or don't like it. But yes, it was probably easier to read before. I dislike long text, that's just a personal opinion. Whether or not that means this is a "better" layout, that's definitively succeptible, isn't it?

I read your blog, either way... so yeah. @_@

Tannie said...

Well I shortened the blog a bit. Hopefully this is the best of both worlds...Whadya think?