Sunday, March 15, 2009

╠ The Viabilities of Insults ╣

Now personally I think the fatal flaw with this ad is the line 'Because if you don't like chicken, there's something very wrong with you.' This is simply my opinion but I don't think you should go around insulting people in your ads. While people who don't like chicken wouldn't be anywhere near the target market for this group some people can be relatively negative when it comes to such things. Personally I think some people woulld take offense even if they did like chicken if they simply liked another meat more. People can also tend to take offense on other peoples behalf and get defensive, so people who know people who aren't obsessed with chicken could also take offense.

So I think this is a mistake that should have never gotten through but that's just me. Do any of you have any thoughts about the use of such a strong line in adverts?

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Lili said...

OMIGOSH. YES. The very first time I saw that ad, that's exactly what I thought. Think of how many vegetarians there are in the world! Think of all the people who aren't vegetarian, but don't necessarily "like" chicken! And then think of all the people who might like chicken, but would be against discrimination such as this.

I personally felt a bit offended, myself, yes. No, I don't not like chicken, but I'm not obsessed with it, either. It's not a very nice thing to say. Really, even though it only says, "If you don't like chicken..." I still think the only people who will not feel offended, slightly offended, or a bit iffed by it, are people who are obsessed with chicken. How many people are actually obsessed with chicken?

The ad at LEAST insults every vegetarian on the globe. Not a very good image to have, at all. I think it's a mistake, yes. I think there have been ads that haven't been allowed to air for a lot less than the offence in this ad, to at LEAST vegetarians.

I think the logic behind it is, "even if people don't like chicken and therefore will not buy our product, if we say this then they will want to pretend they like chicken, and buy our product, so as to not feel like an outcast." Not very successful, though. Backfired, much!

Terrible, terrible, terriiibllllee ad, in my opinion. Luckily I don't watch much TV and have only watched this ad about two or three times. Otherwise I might have an even stronger dislike for the ad, and company. The longer they air and expose the commercial, the more detrimental it will be, in my opinion.