Thursday, March 5, 2009

╠ The Brand Popularity Contest ╣

In 2008 Virtue tracked the social popularity of certain brands and from it created a list of the top 100 for the year. One thing to note though is that they were quite particular with what they tracked. Movie's, video games and other things such as Obama's campaign's that while were probably more successful than some of these names weren't included since most of them simply hype up around a release or event and then die off a bit while the brands here while sometimes with a similar setup still face differences. It's a riviting read to look through so I suggest you check it out. For those of you uneager to steer away from the page though here's the top ten.

  1. iPhone
  2. CNN
  3. Apple
  4. Disney
  5. Xbox
  6. Starbucks
  7. iPod
  8. MTV
  9. Sony
  10. Dell
Some of these names may surprise you but you have to remember that being talked about doesn't mean you're being talked about positively which is why I suspect Starbucks is so high. Xbox is probably the biggest surprise for me though. It beat Nintendo and Sony as well as it's encompassing brand of Microsoft which came in number 11. This may be because of the same thing as Starbucks as the Xbox has had a lot of issues with faulty units.

One of the highlights for me though is Apple who came in third but with their products the iPhone and iPod coming in 1st and 7th. It just shows the power of one company when it can have three of ten top brands in one yar over the entire world. Personally I'm starting to think my dream may actually be becoming to be a part of Apple. From all my interractions with their workers they really seem to take care of their own and from a marketing perspective they're brilliant so I think come graduation they'll be my first stop for applying for a job.

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