Saturday, November 1, 2008

╠ Spring Valley - Save Your Sensible ╣

This is an ad campaign I find to be particularly interesting. I must admit that at first I sort of didn't like the idea of it overall. I found the sensible's to be incredibly ugly things, especially the one below.

I mean they seem to be going for a cute sort of thing...and yet it has horns...well to each his own I suppose. However despite my early impression it was the following ad that won me over.

I think this initial dislike sort of was their plan. From the get go they knew it would be a huge long lasting campaign so they used the initial campaign to paint the sensibles as not exactly the most loveable thing.

The reason they did this can be found in the first video I posted in order to encourage the lost sensible part of the story they have built up. So it shows them as less than super in order to make you feel like your sensible needs to be worked on.

If you go to the site you can 'find' your sensible which basically involves putting in your name and then getting a sensible of your own to take care of. It's a very simple application but you can add it to facebook, pick it up, throw it around or even slap it.

When you first get it your sensible is quite worse for ware, however there is a spring valley bottle in the corner and if you click on it your sensible takes a drink, changes to a healthier colour and is all of a sudden a lot better seeming.

It's a very basic application and I probably won't open it again however it was amusing at the time but it is a plus because it encourages direct interraction with the brand.

Overall this is a very good campaign in my opinion, it may just be me being biased because this all started off with a Hitchiker's guide to the galaxy style intro that got me interested however I have bought into the idea that I could just have a sensible and I'm sure others have too.

Once you buy into it even a little and see that little drink having such a positive effect on the sensible you buy into the fact that drinking a spring valley drink will help you make better decisions overall.

My only real criticism of this campaign is that while the spring valley drinks are getting a good boost it is sort of unclear on just what exactly they have on offer. I believe the drinks lack enough differentiation. All that is shown in these adds are a relatively generic bottle shape with just a logo on it. I believe it has a lot of power however when it comes down to the what to buy option when you want a juice or whatever it doesn't stand out well enough. For example I have tried Spring Valley's smart water which is their entrant into the vitamin drink market and I didn't actually realize it was linked to this campaign at all.

I hope you enjoyed this breakdown and as usual any comments are appreciated. If you have any ideas for ads to break down give me a buzz because I could use a few more to add to a poll. Go forth and find your sensibles!

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