Sunday, November 30, 2008

╠ Hidden Augmentations ╣

I don't know what it is but I've had a little hard time thinking of what to write on recently due to all my exam and work worries. So apologies for all those who aren't such a fan of video game references but I have discovered yet another interesting marketing factor.

One thing about video games, more specifically Japanese RPG's is that when you get involved in it you discover what are known as 'fangirls'. If you're not scared you should be. What these fangirls usually do is pair the male characters with other male characters and either write fanfictions on them or draw images of it. It can honestly get quite disturbing and untrue to the character.

When I was younger I though they were simply creating something out of nothing and I thought it would be something anyone at the developers would want to quash this. However I have since realized they are a lot smarter. When they make games they make it so that there is enough there for these things to exist, however not there enough in order to make any other fan able to deny it.

I found this to be an interesting development, having something of value in a product that isn't exactly there meaning it cannot be a negative for others. I struggled to find a better example than video games so sorry to bring it back to that again. If anyone has any other examples let me know because I find it to be quite interesting.

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