Wednesday, November 26, 2008

╠ Product Placement in Video Games ╣

Being the Guitar Hero nerd I am I've already got the World Tour version. One thing that caught my eye was the product placement and believe me when I say it is full of it. However I can break it down into two sorts, relevant and irrelevant.

An example of relevant advertising would be the Gibson Guitars. This is good because it allows players to play the guitars they would want to play if they really did play. This makes you feel better about the overall game and also advertises the available guitars to the users.

The irrelevant type however I believe is quite a problem with Video Games and movies because it cheapens both brands. An example in Guitar Hero is in the Phi Psi Kappa venue. Whenever you play a gig for the final song the venue somehow changes, something usually explodes or something magical happens. It's usually quite spiffy so for the first time seeing it your eyes are usually intently on the screen. However at this particular bar there is a distinctly noticeable pan across a KFC bucket. You could argue why it was there but it is still clearly something that is predominantly a revenue raiser.

This is a game I feel proud to own and to have as a good group game however every time I get to this point it's so obvious that whoever sees it has to point it out and how dodgy it is. I'm a bit disappointed with KFC's marketing overall from the various TV ads of theirs I have seen recently and this doesn't really make me think any more of it.

Overall this game is a good example of product placement done right but also done wrong.

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