Sunday, November 23, 2008

╠ My first real marketing gig ╣

Today was the follow up meeting to the Manifest AGM. This was the one in which Manifest chose to give out all of its roles. I managed to gain the role of Branding manager. Now would probably be the time to realize the irony of being brand manager before I do the brand management class however I'm hoping to do the best job I can. Pictured left is currently the manifest logo. It's odd, it's a design that would seem somewhat unsuiting to that of an anime convention...but for the life of me I can't design a better one. It seems somewhat brilliant in its simplicity combined with uniqueness.

None the less I am proud to be breaking into the market and who knows, once all this world conomic crisis stuff clears I may just find myself in a position where I may be able to be paid for this stuff.


Lili said...

You mean economic? Methinks my English hasn't died quite as of yet. =D

Tannie said...

If you keep doing this I'm going to start asking you to proofread verything before I submit it.

Lili said...

You mean, 'everything'? =P

Oh man, Japan is horrible. Students here get more questions right in English grammar and all that jazz, than I do. It's really sad. The teacher asks me things and tells me to do things like, 'tell the students what the difference between these two sentences are,' and, 'which sentence is better?' and, 'is this wrong?'. I keep getting questions wrong - I'm too scared that I'll be giving everyone the wrong answers. Not to mention when they ask about pronounciations I'm completely scared because they're assesed based on American pronounciation and if they go into exams with British/Ausutralian pronounciations they'll probably get everything wrong... I'm so hestitant on EVERYTHING English-wise, here. ;_; This is what Victoria gets for not including English grammar in their educational curriculum!!

Tannie said...

Imagine how I would be then ;_;

I do feel like I did miss out on a lot of important english stuff at school. Perhaps if I got that I would be better at all this stuff.