Sunday, November 16, 2008

╠ eGames Expo from a marketing perspective ╣

Pictured on the left are my spoils of the weekend at the eGames expo held at the exhibition centre. The speaker and DVD were prizes from contests, the rest were all general type freebies. I also managed to get entry into the event for dressing up as a video game character. Since I was busy this stuff is mostly what simply came in the bag. However everything there is simply for advertising. The prizes were from a Yamaha sponsored Guitar Hero competition and the dvd from the Madman sponsored cosplay(costume) contest.

It is an odd convention because it is mostly advertising. There are a few traders, some competition booths but for the most part it's simply advertising.

The interesting thing is that most people who aren't dressed up pay $18 a day to basically be advertised to. 1000's a day come here to simply be advertized to. This is something that quite a few industries have, and it is an interesting avenue of advertising...advertising to those who are actually willing to pay to see what you have coming up. It's interesting looking at the world with a marketing brain, and who a few years I may be working in the marketing department of one of these's hoping.

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