Wednesday, November 12, 2008

╠ Marketing, Back Alley Style╣

Zac Martin at Pigs Don't Fly commented on his blog about University Education being a bit lacking in this new age of marketing. Universities appear to be a step behind in marketing in particular. Especially with online activity they don't really dwell into the social marketing side of things which is interaction based marketing.

So if Universities aren't teaching how to market relationship style, who are?

This brings me back to a few weeks ago when I was sitting down at Melbourne Central. A stranger came along and asked if he could have a seat. We said it was okay, it seemed an innocent enough request. However upon sitting down he broke into a story about how he's homeless and just looking for some money for the backpackers. He may have just had me if when he hadn't stated the exact amount he needed and then when proving some other nice people out there trusted him pulled out more than what he needed by accident. However still an interest improvement on the normal smokey voiced 'Can I have some bucks for a metcard *Smoke induced coughing fit*'.

So if these homeless people are learning how to build relationships and other advanced marketing activities...why aren't we?


Sodman2k said...

I knew you would get there. :)
I've been reading your blog over the last week (a little here and a little there) largely because I think it's interesting and I'm hoping to get into Advertising at RMIT.
Although I was concerned in the begining, It's amazing how you have grown into a great blogger and found some real insight.
This is a perfect example.
Also, expect more comments now that I've caught up.

Tannie said...

I find it amazing simply how much I've changed in my blogging style over a couple of months. I've realized that simply reviewing ads, while it my have a place somewhere doesn't really warrant an entire blog that would be of any value to me.

It'll be awesome if you get into Advertising at RMIT. Although just in case you want to do marketing in particular I'll just let you know now that Monash sort of has the edge on it...hence why the majority of bloggers are from there.

However if you get into anything in this field I recommend you star your own blog. You may be a bit lost at first as I was, but in the end you'll be a lot better for it.

Sodman2k said...

RMIT Advertising is my first preference, Media and Communication at Melbourne is my second choice and my third and fourth choices are both double degrees including Marketing at Monash, so I think I'm fairly well set in that regard. ^_^

While I have really enjoyed your rapid evolution on this blog, please don't stop analysing the ads!
That's the thing that keeps drawing me back. :)
Plus you will start to pick up on so much more if you continue.


Tannie said...

I'm still going to stick with the ads because it's always fun to make a few posts with videos but yeah it's no longer going to be the main focus.