Friday, November 7, 2008

╠ The Value of Slurpee Quests╣

As most of you are probably aware, the 7-11's of Australia are offering free small slurpee's today. In order to claim your free slurpee you must rock up to a 7eleven, today Nov 7th, between 7am and 11PM and say 'Happy 7 11 Day' thus entitling yourself to a free small slurpee.

This event is a prefect example of how effective the intangible elements of a transaction are. Whilst they're giving out free slurpees by the motherload, it is overall quite effective. The value that can be drawn from this transaction are:
  • Bringing people into the store when they otherwise may have not(Attachment opportunity)
  • Building brand loyalty. (Often freebies are smaller servings than anything you can find in store so by giving out something decent sized you are surpassing expectations leading to brand loyalty. Higher than supermarket priced convenience stores usually give you a feeling of compromise for spending more so to actually have positive brand image is a very good competitive advantage.
  • Possible introduction to Slurpees leading to addiction
  • Creating a day dedicated to the brand. (Having a day devoted to a brand works in itself is an incredibly brand building exercise. Looking at the calender and instantly thinking oh 7-11 day is unique advertising that does not have a direct cost to uphold once established)
  • Discussion raised by the event. (As far as I'm aware despite not being advertised by 7-11 themself it is pretty much everywhere. I have been invited on facebook to the event at least twice, had the topic appear on forums I am a regular on, already today I have been asked on MSN twice whether I have gotten a free slurpee and here I am blogging about it)
When you weigh up this value compared to the meager amount of slurpee lost in free small slurpee's then all of a sudden it seems worth it...perhaps less in the case of those that go on the 27 CBD slurpee shlep but for the most part an overall very effective campaign that no longer seems to need an advertising expense...only some free slurpee goo.

So if you're reading this today try and get to a 7-11 before 11PM tonight and enjoy what appears to be easily a mutually beneficial transaction between consumer and vender.


Jono Sumner said...

The 27 CBD Slurpee Shlep... thats mee!! I did that last year, and I don't recommend it to people unless you want to feel extraordinarily sick and possibly throw up.

lili said...

There's also the fact that 7/11 can limit how many free slurpies thye give out by limiting the number of cups they have. =]

When I finally remembered about it, at like 10pm at night - I went into a store with some people, (they wanted the slurpie much more than I did), the store attendant pointed at the machine and said, "There's no more! See! No cups!"