Saturday, January 31, 2009

╠ Free Fail ╣

After my previous post it seemed that there was a flare up on commuters angry at Connex. Many of which went onto sites such as Facebook and vented their anger through groups. One of my favourites is the 'Connex raped my mother, killed my father and made me late for school'. However the one probably of more note would be the 'Friday 13th Feb - Connex Fare-Free Day'. This group is determined to not pay on Friday the 13th and hope that not doing so makes it Connex's unlucky day and cause them to relook at their services.

Connex yesterday gave commuters a free travel day...However this did little. I don't know the percentage but I believe most commuters, like myself, would have weekly/monthly/yearly tickets. Which basically give rise to the thought 'Good to know you care for the people who buy your product in bulk'. Most of you probably remember the hideously confusing buy bulk Connex ads, well you'd probably remember the ad when howed to you, but they were so confusing you probably wouldn't remember the connex link.

The other problem with a free travel day is that it encourages people to travel on public transport. Normally not a problem. However when you're cancelling every second train with zero excuses even after the heat wave is over all you're doing is convincing the users on this individual day that this is something not worth paying for.

So basically you're pissing off regular users of your service as well as giving poor service to any new users. There overall seems to be no benefit in this scheme.

Connex can no longer rely on free travel days to solve their problems. They need to step up and either fix their services or find a new way to make their travellers stand their horrible travel conditions otherwise the coming Friday the 13th may not be a once off.

Ps: I'm tempted to start the facebook group 'The connex robot apologized for any inconvenience and it made me feel better'

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