Sunday, January 18, 2009

╠ 50 Posts╣

It's weird to think that since this started that I've only made 50 posts. However I think that's because I still haven't branched out too much blog wise so my main exposure are short post blogs. I conversely seem to have a habit of writing walls of text. When you think of it like that, it's almost a book ^^;

I'm really glad so many people have taken the time to read my posts because I'm sure most would just go tl;dr (Too long, didn't read for those less geeky). More and more I feel I'm beginning to find my place in the marketing blogger community and all I really have to thank is those who read and also those who contribute, be it comments or even just offhanded ideas of things to write about.

I'd also like to apologise for the occassional gaps in posts and also the lack of any recent Aniblog's. There's a lot of issues contributing to it sickness, car crashes etc., ya know, the usual. Basically my work load recently has probably been too much so I haven't had time to come on and write too much. I basically get one day a week when I'm usually not doing something and I've been writing stuff on that day and then scheduling releases. I almost can't wait for Uni because surprisingly I think I have more free time when I'm at uni apart from the odd project here and there. I'm probably going to regret saying those words going into my final year but oh well.

Thank you all once again and here's hoping I can acomplish 50 more!

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