Wednesday, January 21, 2009

╠ Demeaning Fillers ╣

Those of you interested in the cricket may have noticed the ads like the one appearing on the left. Personally I can't understand how this got approved because I think it's quite horrible. The people watching this commercial are cricket lovers and all this ad campaign does is make the cricketers, umpires and crowd members look like a bunch of idiots.

So basically they're trying to sell something by taking the piss of what the people watching it care about. I hope I'm not the only one who sees a problem with this.

The more I've been getting into marketing the more I've noticed KFC. No matter what they do, they seem to be advertising in the right areas in sometimes new and interesting areas like Guitar Hero but they just seem to go about it so poorly.

The only benefit of this advertising is that it draws attention so I suppose they could be basing their bets on people only remembering the food part on the screen and not that KFC have demeaned their heroes. This argument could exist due to the impulse nature of fast food purchase but the same result could have been achieved via other means.


Lili said...

Maybe you should take over their marketing team. They do actually kind of suck.

Tannie said...

Oh how I'd love to...Not sure they'd give me a job though if I'm all like 'You suck, give me power!'

Expecially with all the ezperience i don't have

Zac Martin said...

Poor concept, poor brand association (elite sport and junk food) and poor execution.

This is the reason people hate marketers.

Lili said...

Well it worked for Manifest. =P