Monday, January 26, 2009

╠ For when having all of your limbs flying in various directions doesn't work╣

On the 1st of January I was in a car crash. Not the best of starts to what has since actually been not too bad of a year. Noone was seriously hurt, one of us had to have a check up in the hospital and the car is a write off but other than we were all fine. But as with things like this you begin to think after. First off all the things such as why didn't we just get the damned pizza delivered but after that you think of how you can use it for good.

Doing so lead me to think of using the sort of accident where it isn't even your fault in a TAC ad. I mean we're all used to the if you don't obey the rules you're gonna screw up and kill or at least injure you or your mates. This is somewhat effective but less so because everyone thinks they're invincible. I think the 'Nobody thinks big of you' campaign is absolutely brilliant but underused here at least. I haven't actually seen it anywhere except for on the Gruen Transfer ABC show and a few banners at the MCG during the cricket.

However my idea was to use thd not your fault ideal. Sure it doesn't make you think about your driving instantly but it does make you think and also make you keep your eye on other drivers more which does end up helping your driving. Personally I think it would be a brilliant predecessor to the 'Nobody thinks big of you campaign'.

I know it's been a while since Jan 1st but my original idea was to do an entire video animated for this but it seems my artistic skills have wained recently so here's just the storyboards in aniblog form for the basic idea.

Getting Call to pick up a friend
Getting into car
Chat to get viewers to identify
Casually introduce offending car
Show car approaching
Injured Escape
Injured Passenger
Critical Passenger

This is actually almost exactly what happened to us except for the fact we were going out for pizza and not to pick someone up. The change was there because I figured picking someone else had more effect because people who thought into it would notice the carry on effect of this and emphasize that there are other consequences and that the physical injuries are never the be all and end all of a crash.

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