Sunday, January 4, 2009

╠ To 2009 ╣

So 2008 has ended. The time of year where everyone makes new resolutions they will never keep is upon us. I've been wondering for a while whether I actually had any such resolutions and my original thought was that I made so much progression over 2008 that I need not change a thing. I simply need to keep going as I am and I will only end up all the better.

So in a way my new years resolution is to not have a resolution! However then I looked at this blog and realized that this is something I have not done as much as I could. Sure I've worked on my blogging however the point behind a blog is actually to create a sort of community. Most blogging traffic usually comes people reading your comment on other blogs and this is something I haven't actually done much at all. The only other blogs I read are Zac Martin's and Julian Coles. So therefore in this year I hope to discover more blogs to read and have more comments across them.

So if you're a fellow blogger beware for I may just be reading and commenting on your blog throughtout this year. Who knows, maybe the Gruen Transfer may be worth something by 2010.

Also because I'm a huge stats nerd here's some for Gruen's start on July 27 til Dec 31.
Blogs - 43
Aniblogs - 3
Pageviews - 1827
Total AniBlog Video Views - 311
Most popular post - Cadbury Gorilla - 33 Hits
Most Commented post - Insight - Tivo - 7 Comments

Here's to an even better 2009. Thankyou everyone for all your support. I really mean it, from those of you who read regularly to those who left just a single comment, collectively you are all the sole reason I am still doing this.

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Julian Cole said...

What a great year you have had too!

Keep on producing the quality, and we will keep coming back.

Look forward to reading more!