Tuesday, January 6, 2009

╠ The Weathermen Alliance's evil plot to destroy the world ╣

I've always been one to conserve power by any means possible In Summer I'll usually try to stave out the heat for as long as possible without turning on a fan and in the winter I'll hold off on the heater for as long as possible.

I've done this because it is the sort of socially preferred option on the grounds that if you're not doing something to save electricity you're destroying the world. Probably not the most sensible option but I grew up in a poor family.

One thing I've discovered which can change my view over a day is if I hear a weatherman say something offhandedly like 'Boot up the fans, it's gonna be a hot'n'. It's clearly inadvertent but if you think about it there are probably quite a few people who take these recommendations as pronouncing that on that day it is actually socially acceptable to have a fan or heater on all day as the weatherman is still a somewhat respected citizen of society.

This is an interesting example of how people can be controlled outside simply trying to make you buy stuff, even if only inadvertently.

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