Thursday, September 3, 2009

╠ Utilizing Twitter ╣

One of the things I've been determined to do since finding twitter is actually find a way to use it for something useful. At Manifest the main thing with twitter that I did was to run a competition where during the weekend if you made a tweet with #manifest in it you were eligible to win. It went down quite well...

The question as to whether it was worth the merch is yet to be raised, however the point is that it sparked discussion and we were getting quite a few tweets, all aligned with the right tag.

The reason I bring this up is that I saw another style of competition today, except this time you had to tweet this '@GuitarHero: “Today is the day I’m getting @GuitarHero 5!” RT for your chance to win 1 of 5 #GuitarHero 5 bundles!'

Basically a set message. One message posted a million times, that my friend is spam. Creating content based around your brand, that's community building.

So what are your thoughts, do I get to feel the pride of one upping a worldwide brand, or is there some trick to this Guitar Hero tweet that makes it more valuable?

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Bambi said...

Maybe of value if the strategy was simply awareness (though that raises the issue of whether Twitter in particular has any value as an awareness generating medium) but if the strategy was engagement and endorsement - totally lacking any authenticity. It doesn't tell me that the Tweep is bonded to the product; it tells me that they want to win stuff. And does the tweep who wants to win a Guitar Hero actually the core market to purcahse?