Sunday, September 13, 2009

╠ Marketing is boring ╣

...Or at least it appears to be by what Universities have to say about it. I've reached the half way point of my final semester and I've just taken a small step back and realized that what I'm learning doesn't match the career. Marketing is about innovation and design, quite artsy really. However University paints it as rules, guidelines, almost a mathematical formula to success.

Now this actually appeals to me to a degree, hence why I can get caught up in it and it becomes a surprise to look back for a second. University seems obsessed with theories...however the unfortunate thing with theories is that they usually ignore variables. Unfortunately this is the fault with all theories, they try to summarize things, which can only be achieved by removing bits.

I know I keep calling out for it but I'd really just love Universities to listen a little and try and teach us how the marketing life really is, rather than theories. Especially when some of the innovations must come at the price of ignoring a few of even the most basic theories.

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