Sunday, September 20, 2009

╠ An Unhappy little Vegemite ╣

Now I love my vegemite. Whenever a tourist comes to town I'm the first to try to convince them to try the wonderous goo that they sometimes confuse for chocolate. But unfortunately when it comes to their last campaign, I'm not as proud as I used to be.

I refer of course to the New Vegemite. I'd add a slogan here but the only message I seem to remember is that apparently it's just like the old Vegemite. Hmm, something that goes in a sandwich that tastes just like Vegemite? Wait, isn't there already something that does that...idno, maybe original Vegemite.

So a campaign centered around completely cannibalizing your own product by replacing it with could it ever fail? Especially when the product has no name and it becomes the consumers job to name this product that tastes just like original vegemite.

My complete confusion at this campaign seemed to be endless. So I thought the best way to solve it would be to stop listening to the campaign and actually just try the thing...and you know what...It tastes just like vegemite except that you have to keep it in the fridge, and the list of ingredients on the back is about 10x as long.

The only possible upside that this campaign could stumble would be that having vegemite in the fridge as well as the upboard would increase exposure and possible usage? Long shot but maybe, or secondly this new vegemite seems to require more substance to achieve the same level of taste so it could be increasing turnover due to it's own sheer inefficiency...

I would've thought I would at least be able to understand a campaign by people who were able to create such a strong brand image as the happy little vegemite. But it just eludes me. If anyone knows the secret to why this campaign isn't a complete waste let me know v_v


xAlmasyx said...

Since most foreigners don't actually like the taste of Vegemite (Yes, even to the gluttonous Americans, the salty taste is too strong for them), they have tried to rope them in with a weaker version of Vegemite with the addition of cream cheese. It's only downfall is that it now will actually have a proper use by date and it has to be stored in the fridge once opened.
To a lot of Aussies this is a terrible idea as it weakens the taste of our precious Vegemite (I've even turned my nose up at this faggotry), and most have written 'shit' on the Name Me label.
I've even seen customers at Coles scoff at the weakened version of our precious Vegemite which makes me laugh a little.

But in essence, the idea was also to lessen the strong taste for those who don't exactly have a strong palette and would rather have something more mild (Read: all Tourists).

In a marketing standpoint, it is a good idea as it will draw more tourists to it, as this new Vegemite is not as strong as the original.

I just feel sorry for the poor people who buy this thinking it's the original Vegemite only to find that they have to spread it inch thick on their toast just to get the desired taste.

amcam said...

I never knew the purpose behind that campaign. Now that I do, I'm still indifferent to it. I have never tasted Vegemite and the campaign simply lessens my interest on the product...

Trent said...

I propose that New Vegemite be rebranded as New Vegemite: For Softcocks.

Wolfie! said...

It doesn't taste the same, it's much lighter and there's a cheesy kind of flavour in there.

I prefer the original though.