Sunday, September 27, 2009

╠ iSnack 2.0 ╣

Those of you watching the AFL yesterday would have been introduced to the new name of what is overall growing to be one of my least favourite marketing campaigns...It's definitely trying very hard to beat Pimp My Kettle.

So iSnack 2.0...You know what, it's not even worth going into every detail wrong in that name. The blog would become too long and boring for anyone to read.

Zac Martin over at Pigs Don't Fly was the first in my list of bloggers to post about the iSnack 2.0. His goal is to be listed No. 1 for iSnack 2.0. So this is me helping. By filling up iSnack 2.0 with blogs complaining about it we may just send a message that may be heard. If you want to help be sure to link the words iSnack 2.0 to Zac's or my blog post.


Egofreaky said...

Probably doesn't help that someone else managed to nab the url of

Wolfie! said...

What happens when the cool factor wears off the word? (if the product lasts that long).

Remember when everything was Mega, Hyper and let's not forget E-X-T-R-E-M-E !!!!

That said, grab a few of the nameless jars, they could be collectors items in years to come :)