Sunday, September 6, 2009

╠ Sharp Dressed Man ╣

What has probably been the thing I've been learning most this semester is the mind games that go in behind everyday life. The little things that can be the defining pont between a good first impression and a bad one.

In the past I had believed, thanks to my mum's teachings, that being myself and standing up for what I like is important. Unfortunately I turned out to be a weird kid and as much as I'd like to believe it, showing up to an interview in my giant Mario Bros Mushroom Hoodie isn't going to earn me any bonus points...unless Im going for a VG company.

The viewpoint that was originally in my mind was that I could be what I want and it was that being different that would add me value. But this is not the case. Simply being different isn't enough to make you special. As weird as it sounds, to a degree you have to be like everyone else to be different. It is by reaching those minimum requirements of correlation with the norm that you will be accepted. Only from there do you have the balance board to be different and be rewarded for it.

This applies to businesses as well to be accepted there must be things you do the same before you can do things different. Even in the most differentiated and out there firms you can find most of the base jobs are still all the same.

The true way to being successful isn't in being different, it's in being the same...differently.


Wolfie! said...

I hate suits with a passion.
Surely someone can invent something new for us fellas? they do it for women all the time.

Tannie said...

It really is odd the power suits hold over all other lines. Although unfortunately I don't think the male fashion scene is big enough to have the innovations that females have.

That being said, all it takes is one product correctly marketed and you're there.