Tuesday, June 2, 2009

╠ Who can you trust when designing campaigns? ╣

One of my class assignments was to design an advertising campaign. With my appreciation of Dick Smith up and it in its rebranding, it seemed the obvious choice.

My groups campaign idea was two tiered, there would be ads(<-Example) in newspapers, billboards and TV(To suit demographic) which would link to reviews which would be in newspapers, on the radio and obviously online for the more tech savvy.

The entire focus is around the Techxpert, getting the 'Techxperts' to show their knowledge, and by providing that knowledge to consumers, gaining their loyalty.

To contrast this the current campaign by Dick Smith revolves around 'Who do you trust when buying Technology?' which has featured on trams and TV. Unfortunately they haven't appeared on the internet, perhaps hinting they may be a bit wallpaperish.

So thoughts on my first campaign?


Jono said...

Interesting campaign idea... for the adds do you plan to use actual people or drawings? I think actual people might work better.
In other relevant news I was pulling into the Chadstone carpark on Thursday morning with 2 friends when one of them asked me, "Jono, are you a techxpert?" to which I said no, and explained the term techxpert was term created by DickSmith to try and help their marketing campaign. She thought the term was common and just meant someone who knew lots about technology. I just thought that might be of relevance to you?

Tannie said...

Yea it was designed to use real people...I didn't make that obvious ^^;

Yeah I've discovered that it isnt just dick smith, it has actually been used outside Dick Smith. Since their campaign I've heard it external to Dick Smith twice.

SO if they can actually coin the term then they'll be gaining from eternal uses of it.