Thursday, June 18, 2009

╠ Stumbling can get the best results ╣

I found a curious blog on one of the forums I frequent earlier today. Alice and Kev is a blog dedicated to the game Sims 3. What the creator has done is made two fail characters destined fr misfortune and disposed of all of their assets leaving them homeless.

A simple concept but the game has enough twists to draw you into the blog because anything can happen. They're not real but you still and personally I hope that Alice still manages to make something of herself.

When I first heard of it I thought it so succesful that it had to be a stunt by the company, however then I remembered who makes the game and something like this is probably beyond them. Turns out it is just a humble normal person who has stumbled on success.

It is incredibly effective at selling the product though, incredibly well managed. There's even a charity page for CRM so that he's not belittled for picking on homeless people. Personally I'm amazed at the simpleness of the concept and yet how powerful it will be. Goes to show that simple ideas can and will work.

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