Friday, June 26, 2009

╠ Marketing Messes with your head! ╣

First off I'd just like to take a small moment to say it's my 100th post here and boy what a ride it's been. Kudo's to anyone who read them may want to...uh...reexamine your life or something.

In order to celebrate I want to tell you a story of how Marketing is really starting to mess with my head.

At the moment I have a pitifully poor phone, the battery dies within five minutes of talk so I've been keeping up to date on all the iphone developments. My final decision is to go with Vodafone because when I went into their store they acknowledged my existence, I've been with them before and the clencher was simply that their advertising doesn't suck(Yes I am that shallow). I've never locked myself into such a big contract, so last night being the night before the release I was tossing and turning in bed because I couldn't sleep.

However when I did get to sleep I dreampt about getting the iPhone and being in a car driving around for a vodafone shop in the outer suburbs with hilarious results. Now what I found the most amusing about the dream was when I finally found the store I discovered their advertisement of the iphone and it was the 'You've got to be tossing possums!' health insurance lady. I had no option but to listen as she spoke, knowing that one of her stupid phrases could come out at any second, luckily however after about a minute of listening in fear I woke from my sleep.

I don't know what to think, my dream purposefully attacked my reasoning for picking vodafone on the grounds of their not sucky advertising by putting in sucky advertising...Does my subconscious not want me to get an iPhone? None the less I thought I'd share with you just how doing marketing can mess with your head.

The second curious thing about the dream was not the single mention of the exam that I have in about 5 hours...perhaps I'm showing a bit too strongly where my priorities lie...

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