Tuesday, June 9, 2009

╠ Iphone. Explosion or Trickle? ╣

As most of you connected types would know Apple launched the iphone 3gs late last night and everything has basically exploded with discussion.

An interesting thing I would like to point out is that Apple blurted everything out all at once. No bit by bit, in one night everything got posted.

This raises the curious question about why didn't they save some, let it out as more of a trickle to build anticipation. What I perceive to be the reason for this is the haste in which they are trying to work. No matter what some may say the iPhone 3g will probably still be the main contender and as such will face cannibalism issues.

So they've saved everything until now to give you ten days total until release to contemplate the information and make sure it is prominent in your mind at launch

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