Tuesday, June 16, 2009

╠ Death of...Death ╣

Those of you who frequent the works of Zac Martin will know all too well about his fondness for death of posts. Usually revolving around a physical or analogue style system trying to compete in the new digital age. Usually with controversial results.

Now as much as I'd love to do a death of death of's, they are far too successful especially for those with ego's the size of blimps, so the closest thing is Death of death.

Death is actually something that has lost a lot of its power in recent years. Death has most often be used in ads like quit smoking or speeding. However death has grown old. Death is currently in a nursing home, rocking back and forth going 'Back in my day'. Death is no longer feared. It's not scary. It's simply an end with no continuation. Fear these days lies in losing everything and having to live on knowing what you've lost. Cancer can do this...Death cannot.

So overall...I can live with dying, if you want to use scare tactics on me, death is as effective as a particularly perturbed unicorn.

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Adam said...

Zac did a letter to the editor of mumbrella the other day. Called "It’s a fucking PDF". Which al-tho sounded very harsh, was very true.

I don't know if what I said was related.