Friday, December 19, 2008

╠ S*** Shirts ╣

More and more recently I have started noticing shirts that bend the border on what is appropriate or not. Now I'm no fan of swearing so I've particularly taken notice or swear words slipping in more and more. The example to the left involving the S word. In fact the S word is probably the most common word I see on T-shirts these days.

Today I also noticed a shirt "Fu_k to live, live to Fu_k" as if blanking one letter changed anything.

I must admit in this day and age with words like this expressed so freely I really don't see myself if I were a child able to grow up to be the same person I am today.

It also raises an interesting point though. With self expression able to include such things, how long is it until brand expression can get away with the same. Censorship seems to be crazy on organizations however it almost seems unfair that individuals can get away with these sorts of tshirts on a daily basis while campaigns such as 'Where the Bloody hell are you?' and Ultimate care down there for your beaver are considered too risque.

This may be beyond my grounds to say but personally I think this all stems from enjoying picking on the person who can't fight back. If someone tells someone wearing one of these shirts it's rude theres a large chance it could go down very not well. However picking on organizations is different because while they are legal entities they cannot fight for themselves. I think people are simply justifying to themself that when they pick on organizations they aren't actually hurting anyones emotions and therefore don't feel bad, in fact they feel better because they can claim they're making the world a better place.

I'm not sayng all of a sudden ads should be able to swear but I just think we need more equality around. Why can people parade around flaunting swear words while organizations have to be perfect gentleman?


Zac Martin said...

I think I'm actually a fairly big swearer. My blog only brings it out in me occasionally but it's who I am so I don't really try and hide it.

Interesting to see the difference in brands and individuals, although brands have to please a lot more people so it's easier to never come close to the line let alone cross it.

Tannie said...

I know brands are trying to please more people although it just seems that people take more offense at organizations bending these lines.

I think it's simply because organizations are meant to try to appear professional, so I spose when they try to bend the rules in the wrong direction they face whiplash that an average person wouldn't.