Saturday, December 6, 2008

╠ Augmenting a blog ╣

As I continue writing this blog I am ever in search of something to make it better, to make it stand out. In all my thinking of this I have come upon two ideas. If any of you could tell me what you think of either or even if you have any recommendations on how to do either that would be great.

Idea the first: Twitter post leading to blog

A lot of successful blogs I've seen do so by simply having a few lines of insight and then leaving it to you to fill in the gaps and it works because this encourages discussion. However I can't do this because I always have more to say and can't really hold myself back.

So my idea here is to have two posts for every post. One would be a short post, maybe five lines tops introducing and heavily summarizing what I was trying to get across. The second would be a longwinded post like my normal variety. THe smaller one would be the one to show up and the latter would simply be something you could click 'read on' to get to my full thoughts on the matter.

Now I personally have no idea if there is a way to do this without being sort of fiddly with my posts so if anyone knows how to do it that would be great.

Idea the Second: AniBlog

Recently I have discovered people posting videos of themselves saying what they wish to get across and because you are simply listening instead of reading it's easier to get more across. Personally I think there is a lot in this however I have no interest of putting my mug on youtube...more than it may already be at least. I believe while watching someone talk is a sort of visual benefit on previous options. However I think if I were instead to make simple animations it may be overall more stimulating.

This will obviously take a bit of effort on my part but I wish to at least test it out. So I'm going to trial it with making a video of the blog I did previously on downloadable content. It may be good...or it may crash and burn. The important thing when it comes to these sort of things is to take risks and especially at this time in my blog there's not exactly a world of things to lose.

The animation style will be very simple and will be using the spiffy version of Tannie as can be viewed above.

In conclusion

So this is what I'm looking into at the moment so let me know what you think of it and also if you have any other recommendations for blogging let me know because I would like to get this thing to be a bit successful.


Lili said...

You could always charge people money to advertise their stuff on loop. =D

I don't know if you'd get many people paying you, though.

I think it's better if you just had like some simple animation/s on loop - the bonus of listening, after all, is that you can be browsing other windows at the same time. People in this society love being able to do more than one thing at once, to 'save time'. Multi-tasking for the win. By the way. Japanese people can't multi-task to save their lives. It's pretty bland, here. D=

Tannie said...

The naimation stuff isn't too draining. I was able to do all of the pictures for the first one last night and it only took about 7 hours so I think if given a free weekend I could be able to pull one of these off fully. The only problem is now comes the job of recording my voice...I'm scared.