Monday, December 29, 2008

╠ Free Gruen ╣

Recently Zac Martin commented on a certain tool which he learned about from Simon Small's blog. This tool allows you to calculate the value of your blog. Zac Martin wracked up over 20,000 while Simon was able to get a cool $1,700. Thinking that I'd be able to give myself a little confidence booster by being worth something, I decided to try this on myself.

The Gruen Transfer ranked in at being worth a whopping $0.00. After turning green, growing to twice my height and going on a rampage I decided that I should look at this a little closer. The tool utilizes Technorati ratings of which I'd basically ignored. I've been doing things to gain popularity for years on the internet to no avail and simply figured it was the same and perhaps even a fad...however this does not seem to be the case. It's a smart system and currently appears to be ruling the blogging world with an iron fist.

The way it works is every time you get linked posted withing the last six months in a blog you get an authority point. So Simon, Zac as well as the tool should all get a point for this blog. This changes things from what I originally thought. Getting high ranks isn't directly correlated to success, what matters is making blogs that will be talked about.

One thing I wonder is whether karma plays a large role in this. Julian Cole often posts about other blogs and often mentions newcomers as well giving them what is usually their first technorati hits and via this tool his blog ranked over $40,000.

The interesting thing that Technorati reates is a need to utilize your blog well from a marketing perspective. You have to build relationships with your readers in order to be successful. I quite like the idea that not only am I doing a marketing blog but I also have to perform marketing type activites with it in order to achieve success.

If there are any potential bloggers out there or early starters I recommend you look into this stuff early. It adds a new level to your blog and will save you from playing the wrong game for six months like I have been.


Zac Martin said...

Yeah, there certainly are things you can be doing in order to help your blog, including SEO.

But! Don't fall into the trap of link baiting or compromising your blog just to get a good ranking. The best way to get there is consistently good content and a lot of time. Plus you don't lose everyone's respect that way!

Hope you had a good New Year's mate.

Tannie said...

I tried to search how to increase technorati and all the things I found. Most were either ethical and said things like to claim your blog and that was about it or were simply things like post this link and then add yours at the bottom which I consider to be the unethical types.

Is this what is known as white cat and black cat stuff? Do you have any resources on how to do it the non compromising way?

Zac Martin said...

Each to their own, and sometimes being unethical has it's own long term benefits.

I honestly don't know a heap about SEO, but keep posting good content and you'll be right.

Tannie said...

Yeah that was the other thing that came up. Writing stuff worth talking about will clearly trump any of the less ethical stuff. I simply hope I can move my way up to being worth it.

Simon T Small said...

Yea, Technorati gives you a good idea about how good a blog is.

But you also should contribute to other people's blogs by posting comments, if your comment is good, you'll get a few visitors, and the blogger might even read yours.

In any case, as Zac said, traffic will grow if content is good.

Tannie said...

Yeah one of the things I've fallen down on is the spreading myself amongst the community. It's something I shall have to work on.