Sunday, December 7, 2008

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In my previous post I said I was going to trial animating a blog post and well I suceeded. I wasn't expecting it to be done so quickly but turns out when you know what you're doing the whole process is quite quick and for the most part was completed over the weekend.

Any insight on how you think I did is really wanted. One thing I have noticed is that I should probably get into it a bit more because my voice is a bit dry. I may also have to invest in a microphone and not just use the computer. So yeah any opinion is good ^^


Jonathon said...

Yeah, quite cool. I was a bit worried of how an animated style would work but it flows quite well and the jokes generally work. Audio is your main problem, but you already know that and said you were working on it so I'm sure it'll improve.

Alternatively... do you have any sort of references for that pizza device... because although you can record atomic structure of items... you still need atoms of different types to make it work, they can't just come out of thin air and never will be able to. Ie.. its like having an instruction manual about how to put lego together but having no lego to use.
Don't get me wrong.. its a good idea but a physical impossibility, like traveling backwards in time.

Tannie said...

The pizza making device hhas no background. It was simply my idea for a cool science fiction device. I don't know too much about the sciency stuff of it but if I think back to science class you could alter atoms by adding or removing whatever it was that gave them their order on the periodic table.

Either way I believe the device would have a fuel of varios 'lego brick' atoms that get used up.

This is all simply my justification though...overall I just want one impossible or not :P

Lili said...

Lego? You and your Lego.

I can't actually watch it because this thing doesn't have speakers. I watched the animation, though.. and I figure I should watch it with sound, eventually.

Haha, maybe you could like write a script and get someone to read it out for you, like a voice actor. xD You can pay them with 'free tickets to Tanniefest!'