Saturday, October 25, 2008

╠ Reprise - Avoiding Advertising ╣

A few days ago I commented on the Workplace Safety advertisements and my unwillingness to ever fully view one again. All this week workplace safety ads have been playing at prime time and I have been deliberately avoiding them. However this isn't as easy as I had thought. The first time I did it I sort of panicked and stopped the recording I was doing just so I could change the channel...after this I realized the smarter thing was to simple turn off the volume and pay attention to my computer instead. However being so active during ads is an inconvenience and makes it an active thing to watch ads.

The question I am posing at the moment is how effective is an ad that you avoid. The original thought may be that if you're avoiding the message it cannot sink in. However I believe this is not the case. By actively avoiding this ad the process you follow is see the start of the ad, then remember the ad, then make the choice to avoid it.

This method of having the ad run directly through your mind rather than simply watch it on TV is a more direct form of advertising that you've made the obvious choice to be unable to ignore it. Every time the ad comes on it is a direct hit that you can't really ignore. Therefore on an effectiveness per ad shown basis it is much more effective.

While this is effective I disagree with this method. If it were any other group doing this I would probably be growing incredibly angry with each ad I avoid. So my final conclusion for this ad is that it is horribly effective but would not work for any other group as the simple underhandedness of this advertising cannot work without being for such a cause that many people believe in.

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