Tuesday, October 7, 2008

╠ Insight - Vegemite Census╣

One thing that has always confused me about certain advertisements is when they use one medium to predominantly advertise not a product, but instead a site, which is used to advertise your product to a greater degree.

The benefit of websites over TV or other sources can't be denied because it makes the transition in advertisement of it being a background thing to something you actively pay attention to. So if you can convert a TV view to a website view you have a plus right there.

However the issue I have is with the transition. While a website view is better, how many people actually look at an ad like this and then look up the site...

The way I watch TV is as a background noise while I work on the computer...so when this ad comes on, I am at my computer ready to go...however I have never even been tempted to go to this site. I consider it a waste of my time to actively seek to be advertised to...perhaps if there was some prize to be won, but just to be advertised to no.

So my question is, who does actually do these? What is the market for this sort of advertising. If a vegemite eater who had an internet browser open upon seeing this ad did not consider going to it, then who does? And if the answer is as dismal as I suspect...then how do these sort of campaigns keep popping up?


Zac Martin said...

The type of webpages you're talking about are called microsites. Generally they are short lived and attempt to drive a lot of traffic to them, usually over the period of a campaign.

I'm not sure I agree with you. I was interested enough to go to the website, but I agree the television spot is a bit lacking. Kind of reminds me of the Scruncher or Folder thing that Sorbent did a while back.

But I think the biggest thing you're missing here... all the free market research they're getting! It took me less than a minute to fill out and I imagine they have thousands of others' details and preferences. I think they'll use this in the future without a doubt.

Tannie said...

Perhaps I am just a bit of a scrooge when it comes to doing things like this.

I also did not put in enough research and did not look at the type of questions used in the census that much and just thought it was a matter of clicking on which picture was most similar to the way you eat.

However I think one of the reasons I did not give this survive the time it may have deserved because I found some of the styles they had to be a bit out there and thought of it more as a joke than something they may take seriously.

I think in fact I may just be being a bit cynical. I've seen too many businesses have potential and then not use it. So if they do get good market research here and use it then I think it shall become a success overall...However if it is simply a gimicky campaign with no future effect then I stand by my questioning of its worth.