Saturday, August 23, 2008

╠ Cadbury - Trucks ╣

This week it was a real tussle for who would win the poll. It was really good to see despite a few less overall votes, but I blame that on the nothing new aspect of it. None the less by the end a winner did appear in that of Cadbury's Trucks ad. Overall in retrospect I think perhaps I should have considered there being problem with critiquing two ads from the same campaign, but none the less since it is what was voted for I shall continue on. To those of you who missed the gorilla breakdown, it can be found here.

╠ Cadbury - Gorilla ╣

Anyway, on with the show!

To those of you who read the Gorilla break down you'll not that I pointed out that despite completely being irrelevant to chocolate it was still very effective in my mind. This obviously applies to this advertisement as well. The reason this works is because of chocolate by nature is an impulse buy. I mean it is possible that you will purposefully go out to seek chocolate, but for the most part it will be an unanticipated purchase. It is notable in chocolate adds that there isn't a lot of variance. From my experience there are in majority two types. The first is the one focusing on the chocolate in particular and trying to convince you that somehow eating this particular bar of chocolate will make you so happy that you'll almost have an orgasm from it...perhaps a bit over the top but I'm assuming you can at least picture the sort of ad I am referring to. The second is the one that simply spams the brand. For the most part I only remember Cadbury doing that...However they are also sort of have a huge monopoly on the whole thing meaning that have the money to put into such things

This ad comes into the second type. However it takes a more passive approach than the usual 'Wouldn't it be nice if the world was cadbury' ads. Like the Gorilla ad it introduces the cadbury element at the start and then has something random and finishes with the same ending. I think the reason this was less successful may simply be because whilst it is quite amusing, I don't think it had the same potential to spread as viral as the Gorilla ad did. If you think about it as a youtuber type individual I think you're far more likely to pass on a Gorilla playing the drums than a range of trucks having a race.

That being said there are other elements of this ad I do appreciate above that of the Gorilla ad. It is far more clever with it's use of it's special trademarked purple colour. They didn't simply take the lazy way out and just use the one car that was purple, they thought about a few more uses Eg. The sky and the lights underneath the baggage carrier.

Personally I find the music very suiting for this clip and the tagline overall because it successfully ties into both what you're seeing as well as the glass and a half of joy tagline with the having a good time build up. I think it works well with building up a feeling of enjoyment because the race looks like a lot of fun. I think the unconventionality of it works well as well since the different trucks give the overall race a unique and different feel. Which I find clever because unique links to new, which goes well since it is the launch of a new tagline.

Overall I think this ad works quite well. There are a lot of good elements at work. I think it was never built to be quite as big ats the gorilla ad though and instead to simply be something to help capture a larger audience when paired as opposed to being in direct competition with it.

Sorry for not being able to say too much about this ad, however it is simpy in retrospect that I realize half the things I could say ave already been said for the Gorilla ad. Also sorry for the lateness but it's just been one of those weeks with no real free time whatsoever. In fact I haven't been alone at home pretty much since the poll ended.

Anyway for this week I have come up with three new options for ads to break down. There is Daniel's Birthday which is a Mitsubishi Pajero Ad. There is Sony, all eyes on you which was made to promote the Vaio laptop and finally the Commonwealth Bank ad with the Dollarmite remake which reinforces the Determined to be different line.

I hope you all enjoyed this breakdown and as usual comments are all too welcome.

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