Thursday, August 14, 2008

╠ Comic - Release the Environment ╣

I got some free time over the week so I was able to do the comic in order to catch up. So here is the comic linking to the SAAB - Release the Environment ad review. So now hopefully the comics will be posted on a weekly basis and linking to the ad I have just broken down. I'm pretty happy with the style at the moment so I think I'll keep it. Onto the comic...

I sort of didn't want to be so cynical about the ad because I don't overly hate it...but it isn't that easy to write these things and I think I have actually tried to paint Tannie as a ruthless marketer so it sort of fits. I do enjoy writing this sort of stuff though because it starts with a very limited option and then it's up to me to try and find a way to take it and alter it in order to try and spin a new comic out of it that still maintains some sense of humour.

Any critique is encouraged so that I know if there's anything that needs improving on. Also it looks like I'll have to break down the Bonds ad this weekend. I don't know why you all want me to study girls in underpants but it's what you asked for so it's what you'll get :P I'm just proud to have more votes this week than last week. Although I don't have any new ads to poll for next week so if anyone has any suggestions let me know and it may just end up in the poll.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this and hope you check in again to see what works so well about girls in underpants.

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