Wednesday, September 3, 2008

╠ I'm Not Dead...Loosely Speaking╣

Some of you have probably noticed my sort of large absence from posting anything here. The reason for this is because my laptop caught a virus and had this issue of being unable to start. So because of this I took it to get the data extracted before a reformatting and being the cheap guy I am I opted for the free approach of going through people I know rather than paying for it and getting it back same day. My first quot was last Saturday, then on Saturday I was told Tuesday, then on Tuesday I was told Today and then today I was told next Saturday so personally I'm just not expecting it back any time soon.

Unfortunately being computerless there is very little I can do for the Gruen Transfer. As some of you know I volunteer for the Melbourne Anime Festival which is coming up on the Grand Final weekend and so all of my very limited access to the internet(Mostly Uni) is going to either that or all of those assignments I should technically be working on.

None the less I shall still set up a poll for this week. I had quite a few ads that I was going to put up but since youtube isn't cooperating I shall have to use some old options. Since last week had a total of 1 vote I figured the two losers for being so close deserve another chance. So this week you are choosing out of Vodafone - Take everything with you, Mitsubishi - Daniel's Birthday and Sony - All Eyes on you. Please vote. I'd really like to have more than one single vote deciding everything.

Last weeks winner was the Commonwealth Dollarmite ad so once I'm back on track I'll get the comic up for cadbury ad and then head straight into commonwealth. Anyway thankyou all for your time and I hope you continue to read on once my laptop gets back on its feet.

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Julian Cole said...

Good luck with the computer, ah the burden of assignments, I am so glad I have got no more of those bad boys left.