Sunday, October 4, 2009

╠ Reduce functionality, increase profits ╣

One thing that I've had to face with a lot of the technology I use is the idea of 'homebrew content'. This is content created by the wider community, available for all to use. When it comes to things like the PSP it makes the console overall much more useful. Basically it goes from one group making all the stuff slowly to everyone working and you have all the good stuff quick.

Unfortunately however this content comes with content that breaches law. An example of this is the fact that one of the first homebrew applications for any device is one that allows it to play super nintendo games.

The thing that always confused me thought was how the companies fought for the removal of such exploits that allowed this. Yes there are some worse programs, for example with the PSP you can play PSP games without buying them. Whilst I know why they have to look like their trying, I always thought there was more value in feigning inferiority in regard to beating all the leet hackers out there and leaving it open.

The reason this doesn't work though is the relationships built. If someone like Sony were to leave a huge gaping hole like this in their software then game developers would not support their software. This has actually happened to a degree, in the sense that there are very few PSP unique titles.

So overall it's an interesting proposal. There is a point where profitability can be increased by reducing functionality.

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