Sunday, August 9, 2009

╠ Wicked Sick Branding ╣

Most of you have probably already seen this ad over on Pigs Don't Fly but I liked it so much that I thought I'd cross post it. I like it because it's so effective at proving two things: The value of branding, and also that incredible value can be created even with a completely new brand.

The original sale captures the items raw cost, no branding, no anything. Buying a BMX on ebay will set you back 27.50. However stick a name on it and the value grows, further more create hype around it, knowledge increases and as knowledge increases the value of the brand rises.

The thing that also stands out is that thanks to the increased knowledge for the product via the video the buyer of the product could possibly even sell the Wicked Sick BMX for more than what he paid because the value of the brand has increased. On top of this those guys could also technically get away with reselling other ebay items witht the Wicked Sick brand name because to those who know it, there is added value.

Personally I'm waiting for the appearance of the wicked sick toaster!

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